Wednesday , September 26 2018


NMRL strives to achieve excellence in the provision of microbiology specialized tests, outbreak investigation, surveillance, research as well as overseeing all quality assurance programs for Microbiology diagnosis in Kenya. This is by continually upholding good clinical laboratory practice, improving processes through review of examinations, quality objectives and policies to ensure they consistently meet customer satisfaction and conform to ISO 15189 and ISO/IEC 17043.
The NMRL has established the following objectives covering all aspects of the pre analytical, analytical and post analytical processes:
1. Provide timely results
2. Reduce customer complaints
3. Ensure proper stock management to reduce stock outs
4. To Ensure Quality results through participating in the External Quality Assessment
Quality indicators for 2018:
1. To increase the EQA performance from 80% to 85% by December 2018
2. To reduce the supplies stock outs duration from four month per year to one month by December 2018
3. To reduce the TAT for Rectal swabs culture samples from Five (5) days to four (4) days by December 2018
1. Accreditation for ISO 15189-2012 (Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence) in 8th July 2016
2. Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17043-2010 (General. requirements for proficiency testing) from 15th September 2017.
3. Offering 3 cycles of Bacteriology Proficiency tests panels (EQA) a year to 21 participating county laboratories.
4. Outbreak testing and reporting within the country for cholera, anthrax and measles among others
5. The laboratory is currently the hub for AntiMicrobial Resistant monitoring (AMR) where it`s involved in organizing and conducting ECHO sessions with its spokes
6. Mentor county laboratories in basic microbiology and Quality management systems
Major upcoming activities
1. Training in basic microbiology for the county laboratories
2. Up scaling the number of laboratories to participate in the Microbiology proficiency testing