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Food Safety and Nutrition Unit (FS&N)

OBJECTIVE: To strengthen the food surveillance system in order to prevent and control diseases which are caused by food contamination and foods which do not meet nutritional requirements.

MANDATE: To provide specialized testing services to ensure quality health for all.

The Food Safety and Nutrition Unit comprises several laboratories that perform tests on foods and any other relevant specimen aimed at preventing and controlling diseases that arise from consumption of  foods which are contaminated  or of unsatisfactory nutritional value.

Food Safety and Nutrition Laboratory
Food Safety and Nutrition Laboratory

The tests conducted are aimed at:

  • Prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases of public health importance
  • Food safety and nutritional compliance
  • providing support in response to disease outbreaks
  • Monitoring and surveillance with the aim of stopping and reversing  the rising burden of non-communicable conditions
  • Providing support for multisectoral programmes

The unit also serves as a resource centre providing technical information and expertise related to food safety and nutrition.

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